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Work package 7

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Work Package 7: Evaluation

Overall summary

The role of this work package is the evaluation of the project. This includes setting up interview guidelines as well as quantitative questionnaires, conducting interviews, analyzing interviews and providing reports. The development of the dramaturgical framework is supported from the perspective of educational sciences.





Deliverable reference
Description  Achievement
WP7-1   Development of criteria for action learning

In this workpackage we have identified evaluation criteria for online teaching

and learning in virtual environments. To set up a baseline, expert interviews within

the Avalon partnership were conducted. Based on a experts' survey which served

as a first orientation concerning tendencies and possible evaluation criteria

an experts's interview guideline was developed. Eight experts were interviewed. Two

reports (Avalon Evaluation Report Experts' Survey and Avalon Evaluation Report Experts' Interviews) were produced which inform the project partners about the evaluation criteria identified during the expert interviews. The two reports will be relevant for people who are interested in retracing the AVALON project as a whole.

  Evaluation questionnaires
Based on the results of the Expert interviews a pre-course and a 
post-course-survey for participants were developed. The pre-course 
survey serves as a "check-in" in order to get information about the
participants that are relevant for the teachers. The post-course-survey 
evaluates the course. 

The pre-course survey will be relevant for people who would also like to 
start teaching in Second Life and therefore might need some kind of 
registration form for their participants. The post-course survey can be used as an 
evaluation tool afterwards and can be adapted by the end-users.
The surveys are provided as printable files in this Wiki.
WP7-2 Evaluation of Action Learning phase 1
The answers from the participants survey were analysed and presented in
written and pictorial form. Documents with descriptive pie charts were
prepared for each AVALON-course as well as an elaborated report based on
the answers from all surveys together.

While the surveys might be relevant for anyone wanting to set up a course in Second Life, 
the results from the AVALON course are mainly important for the project-members. However,
the results represented in the report could also serve as an orientation concerning what worked 
well and what might need to be improved.
  Evaluation of Action Learning phase 2
On the basis of the participants survey and the evaluation report a 
qualitative interview schedule for participants was developed and 8 participants 
from the Business English course were interviewed. These interviews gave a more 
detailed insight in certain thematic issues which arose during the analysis of the 
previous survey. A report: Avalon Evaluation Report Participants Interviews was 
produced which summarizes the statements  from the interviwees. Afterwards the 
results of the quantitative (post-course-survey) and the qualitative analysis (interviews) were 
cross-referenced and represented in another report: Avalon Evaluation Report - 
Quantitative/Qualitative Data.
Evaluation of Pilot Training Course The evaluation was conducted by UoM as part of WP6.







This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

The material throughout this wiki is available under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share Alike agreement established between the project partners.



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