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Work package 6

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Work Package 6: The pilot teacher training course

Overall summary

In this work package we finalised the teaching curriculum for the teacher trainer course, we ran a pilot of the teacher training course, we described the certification process and provided examples of the certificates presented to teachers at the end of the course, and we prepared a report describing the piloting of the course and the feedback received from both tutors and trainees on the course, and included suggestions for future teacher training courses based on this feedback. The pilot took place between the dates of 15 February 2010 and 30 March 2010. In this workpackage we also developed a teacher trainer manual as a resource for teachers who would like to train teachers in Second Life. This manual was based on the pilot of the teacher training course.






Deliverable reference
Description  Achieved

Trainer Manual


This manual was prepared after the piloting of the teacher trainer course and is based on the content of the course. It includes the aims and objectives for each of the six weeks of the teacher trainer course and a number of activities related to the aims and objectives that users of the manual can choose from in their own teaching.

Teacher Trainer Manual.pdf

AVALON Language Teacher Training Curriculum


This curriculum contains the contents and the aims and objectives of each week of teacher training course. The curriculum is based on a theoretical conceptualisation of teaching and learning in Second Life, described in WP5-1.


AVALON Teacher Training Course Schedule.pdf



Evaluation report


This report documents the piloting of the Teacher Training Course and presents feedback received from both tutors and trainees on the course. In addition, a summary of activities related to the teacher training course (presentations in conferences) and future activities relating to supporting teachers after the course is also presented in this report.

WP6 Evaluation Report.pdf 

WP6 Appendices.zip


AVALON Language Teacher Training Course Certificate


Trainees who participated in the Teacher Training Course and completed the project they were assigned at the end of the course were presented with a certificate. This certificate is prepared and issued by ICC International Language Network http://www.icc-languages.eu/

In this Work Package you can find a copy of the certificate presented to the trainees on the teacher training course and a description of the preparation process of these certificates.

Front page of certificate.pdf

Back page of Certificate.pdf 

Certification Process and Procedures.pdf






This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

The material throughout this wiki is available under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share Alike agreement established between the project partners.



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I have put "Teacher Training Manual", "Project Report", "Certificate" and "Certification Process" as a PDF and the "Appendix" in the repository and linked it to our official homepage, if there are final adjustments, please notify me that I can update the release.

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