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Work package 4

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Work Package 4: Virtual Learning Platform

Overall summary

The purpose of this work package is to provide the platform and the technical infrastructure for the AVALON project.






Deliverable reference
Description Achievement
WP4-1 Repository for 2D and 3D object

The deliverable consists of the following components:

  • an operational handbook including an operational model to allows to replicate the server infrastructure
  • a content repository for all substantial work products created in the project
  • an open source web portal to integrate the contents learning management system, streaming media (2D) and other sources to the project's homepage
  • operations and maintenance of the infrastructure throughout the project during the scheduled action dates
WP4-2 2D – 3D Integration This deliverable provides two core functions:
  • extending the data model of the selected open source learning management system to allow a dynamic interaction between 3D and 2D environments, according to the definitions of WP2
  • providing automated feedback, an implementation of the most important features designed in WP2 to provide feedback for the participants and allow a retrospective analysis of the scenarios
WP4-3 Graphical User Interface Configuration (GUI)

  A simplified and more accessible and usable access to the 3D learning experience has been created to allow and extend the audience of users to participate. Different approaches have been tested and integrated in the AVALON websites to support learning events.

Comparative study of 3D environments

 This report lists potential 3D solutions for use with the project and includes a comparison between them with respect to usability and accessibility. The final version of this report includes experiences that project partners had during the in-world workshops (WP1), during action learning (WP3) and the training pilot (WP6) and aims to provide recommendations to the broader community.

WP4-5 2D and 3D content A collection of the 2D and 3D content created during the project (the tested contents from WP3) to be reused in follow on learning activities. These maybe pictures, streaming media, audio files, surveys, reports, virtual objects, note cards, tutorials, recordings etc.







This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

The material throughout this wiki is available under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share Alike agreement established between the project partners.



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