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Work Package 1

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Work Package 1: Forming and maintaining the community

Overall summary

This work package focuses the community of teachers that will continue the work of the project following its funded stage. We have a growing social network with a Ning and regular teacher meetings in Second Life. We ran a successful conference involving many teachers form this community and other linked communities. 



Deliverable reference
Description  Achievements
3D Languages community We have a thriving and developing Ning group (524 members - 31 Mar 2011) and now collaborate on bi-monthly meetings for teachers both from the project and other in-world languages communities, e.g. SLExperiments; Edunation; EuroCALL; CALICO and Cypris Chat.
3D Conference The organisation and running of the 2010 SLanguages Conference was carried out by the AVALON project team. We had 377 visitors in 2nd Life and 78 viewing the conference via Adobe Connect. Many of the presentations are archived on our Ning and also SLanguages.net website. Please also read the report from participants who filled in our questionnaire about the quality of the conference.
Recordings of workshops or meeting minutes Some events have been recorded and written minutes have been taken for all management meetings.





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