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Short Introductory Course to Second Life

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Short Introductory Course to Second Life


Course  Outline - Teachers


A. Introduction


     Target audience:


This course has been designed as an introduction to Second Life for the Business English students (intermediate business language learners somewhere in the A2-B2 continuum of the CEFR and would be suitable for learners who are currently using the target language for work or who would like to do so in the future. Those with previous knowledge of Second Life can begin directly with the Business English Course


It is assumed that students have undertaken a student check-in procedure before they start (created accounts in Second Life and they have downloaded the software and tested their equipment (especially microphone and headset).




The main objectives of this course are:-

  • To begin the process of team-building, which is necessary for learners taking the Business English course. 

  • to provide learners with a basic knowledge of Second Life so that the Business English course is effective and meaningful for them as learners of a foreign language for business.
  • To give the teacher a chance to undertake language needs analysis so that the Business English course can be adapted to lower/higher level learners as required.
  • to create a viable model of how an introductory course for learners new to Second Life can be combined with language practice.


     Course structure:


The course is divided into 2 meetings in which the course instructor and course participants come together at the same time and place in SL. Each session is 90 mins long. The classes are held weekly. In addition, course participants are to be encouraged to meet with members of the class in-between meetings if possible to allow them to become more familiar with Second Life.


Total contact time = 3 hours


     What you need to know:



The meeting place for the Business English course will be the AVALON Learning Sandbox. This is where the two classes will take place.



Proposed timetables of the pilot Business English courses to be run September-December 2009:



Any extras that students need for a course such as instruction material to get started, blog-link (if you have a blog associated with the course etc etc)



B. Main Content





C. Completion:

(summary of what has been done, trying to relate the course to more generic models, suggestions for variation)




     Overall reflections related to basic principles (deliverables 1+2)

     Suggestions on how the course can be adapted to different circumstances

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