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Live online events

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No Date Description Attendance
1 27 Jan 09 Session in Second Life as a part of the Pisa Kick-off meeting Attended by all project partners and some of our associates not able to attend the Pisa event along with a few interested others.
2 29 April 09

Paul Sweeney and Pete MacKichan talking about their experiences of designing courses and teaching in Second Life (Click to see the video)

Attended by 6 project partners along with 8  visitors.
3 30 April 09 Tour of AVALON Learning Island (1) This meeting included project partners and other interested parties.
4 20 May 09 Tour of AVALON Learning Island (2) This meeting included project partners and other interested parties.
5 8 July 09 AVALON Show and Tell with Randall Sadler (CALICO), Nergiz Kern (Second Life teacher) and Graham Davies (EuroCALL)

6 10 Sep 09

Presentation of the AVALON Business English course on AVALON Learning. Members of the wider language learning community were invited to attend and give feedback at the beginning of the piloting process. One of those in attendance wrote a blog post:


Partners P1, P4 and P6
7 6 Dec 09 Update of the project for interested teachers All partners expect for P5
8 10 Dec 09 Virtual tourism with by Heike Philp 2 people
9 21 Dec 09

AVALON Gluhwein Party


10 people





No Date Description Attendance
1  7 Feb 2010

AVALON Learning - guided tour and discussion of project

8am and 8pm  - 2x tours

Partner 7 BritCoun Graham Stanley

EVO Session TLVW 2010

25 participants

2  11 Feb 2010

AVALON Learning Event: The present and future of language learning in virtual worlds



Partner 7 BritCoun Graham Stanley

Parter 6 LANC Heike Philp

22 participants

3 11 March 2010

AVALON Learning Event: European Cities in Second Life

Tour to real-life replicas such as virtual Rome, Munich, Cologne, London, Paris, Bucharest, Mont Saint Michel, Inverness, Mykonos, Athens

 Parter 6 LANC Heike Philp

15 participants

4 23 March 2010

AVALON Learning: Holodeck II Building Session

How to add building a holodeck scene





 Partner 3 TALK Klaus Hammermüller

13 participants

5 7 Apr 2010

IATEFL Conference, Harrogate UK 


'Web 2.0 - Where are we now?' PCE on Avalon Learning island

IATEFL Learning Technologies Special Interest GROUP Pre-Conference Event





Presentation :

Avalon to Shakespeare: Language learning and teaching in virtual worlds 

Streamed live / video recording made:



Partner 1 UoM Gary Motteram, Partner 7 BritCoun Graham Stanley, Joe Pereira, Kyle Mawer


30 people in Harrogate and 50 people online on the AVALON Learning island 


Partner 7 BritCoun Joe Pereira

30 participants

Online audience/ recording 100+ (estimated)

23 April 2010

Virtual Round Table panel discussion - AVALON teacher training

Panel discussion at the Virtual Round Table conference


Parter 6 LANC Heike Philp

Partner 7 BritCoun Graham Stanley, Joe Pereira, Nergiz Kern

26 participants via Adobe Connect / recording 100+ (estimated)


20 May



AVALON Learning Event: How to teach a language in Second Life

Click here for a link to the recordings

Partner 7 BritCoun Graham Stanley, Joe Pereira

Partner 1 UoM Gary Motteram

40 participants - region full

27 June 2010

Social Gathering for Language teachers and their friends


Helen Myers aka Karelia Kondor

27 Jul 2010 and 6 Sept 2010

Trip to Mecca (English/ Arabic spoken)


visit a place you cannot but without becoming Muslim yourself, 1 hour trip, very well received

  12 and 9 attendees
28 Jul 2010

AVALON Learning Event: Mexican Summer in Second Life

For recordings click HERE

Parter 6 LANC Heike Philp

15 participants

4 August 2010

French Summer in Arcachon


Recordings: AVALON Tour I (only in French)

AVALON Tour II (English/ French spoken)

approx. 20 avatars at both sessions and


16 August 2010

A Turkish Invitation

Turkish intercultural event with Nergiz Kern

Partner 3 TALK Klaus Hammermüller

5 parts

19 August 2010

Parlez-vous francais?

French lessons on Arcachon

Partner 3 TALK Klaus Hammermüller

7 parts

14  15-16 Oct 2010

SLanguages Conference, 2010

including e.g.

  • Devil Island Mystery (quest based language learning)
  • Learning a Second Language in a Medieval World
  • Virtual Macbeth Tour
  • German theatre play: The BAAL story
  • Italian Renaissance theatre 
  • Teaching North Sami


 455 attendees over 24 hours: 377 in Second Life, 78 via Adobe Connect.

19 Nov


Tour of Avalon Learning (in Spanish) by P7 (Brit Coun - Graham Stanley) for Silvia Andreoli and a group of trainee teachers  of Ciencias de la Comunicación, Universidad de Buenos Aires
10 attendees - 1 hour tour in Second Life
24 Nov 2010

A Turkish invitation (English, Turkisch spoken, training Turkisch level A1)


(Grundtvig action)

10 attendees, 1,5 hours
26 Nov 2010 (all day)

INST world conference, various events including cultural heritage visits to different places (different European languages spoken), see conference programe


example: Berlin 1920

(part of dissimination activity, Grundtvig action)

25 attendees in average, full day programe
1-3 Dec 2010

Online EDUCA: 16th International Conference on Technology Supported Learning and Training

PCE Event on the 1st of Dec. with presenters from various European projects including AVALON, ST.ART, NIFLAR, Humlab, FORCOM.


Video showing the event

20 attendees in our PCE session which ran throughout the day.




7 Dez 2010

Evening Visit to China, Discussion (Mandarin, English spoken, training Mandarin level A1) 


(part of the train the teacher activity)

 9 attendees, 1,5 hours
9 Dez 2010

Italian Late Night Quiz Show (Italian spoken, training level A2)

again, better than TV - being one of the candidates


(Grundtvig action)

8 attendees, 2 hours show (unfortunately we could not find a convenient time for more attendees, it was very late)
13 Dez 2010

Open Sesame! (Arabic Night) Arabic and English spoken, training Arabic A1

phantastic dive into a foreign culture, including simple conversation, writing and a reading game


(part of the train the teacher activity, Grundtvig action))

12 attendees, 1,5 hours
20 Dez 2010

Winter delight on AVALON Learning

Recordings and blog: http://avalon-project.ning.com/profiles/blogs/winter-delight-on-avalon

Parter 6 LANC Heike Philp

24 attendees, 3h





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