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generic scenarios - list

Page history last edited by Mats Deutschmann 11 years, 3 months ago
Description Example needed 3D-objects - wishlist 2D/3D-integration - wishlist Used in course ... transferable - teachers 'snail-pack'?

Students get instructions, have to

solve/find out things, bring home a

proof of completion of the task

Bring the king's sword; find evidence for commercial activities going on in SL; join a group, go to events, meet people ... the king's sword, environment, non-playing-characters, maybe bots (e.g. beggar, witch, ...)   Debating course  
Quizz Show Students play alone or in teams againgst each other; quizzmaster



Quizz-Stage questions / answers   yes (hopefully)
Multiple-player ad-hoc roleplay Multiple players, each playing a specific role; get instructions on the role Murder Mystery Dinner Party inspiring environment instructions (e.g. feeding into IM)    
Context Roleplays Roleplays in a certain context, e.g. business job interview, presentation infront of a board of investors inspiring environment audience would like to give feedback directly and immediately by clicking on the avatar and typing    
Classroom   Grammar-session 'Classroom' with just a very normal 'blackboard' :-) a board to show material from Moodle    
Gaming Area games, that student's can play alone (or in groups) Memory Memory-game content coming from Moodle available on Avalon-island yes (hopefully)
Simulation   founding a company inspiring envirionment      
Tandem Model             

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