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Check-in Email - Business Course 1

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Email sent to students re. Learner check-in
Dear participants of the AVALON business English course,
May I warmly welcome you to the course.
Your course starts on Tuesday, Sept 22  at 9pm and your teacher is
Graham Stanley.
In preparation for the course, may I ask you to meet me for a 30min technical
This set-up is to assist you in installing Second Life and to help you enter.
We have reserved some time for assisting all of the students. Please navigate
to this form and fill in your preferred time. 
The check-in times are as follows
  • this evening, Wed 16 Sept from 8pm - 11pm
  • tomorrow evening, Thu 17 Sept from 8pm - 11pm
  • Friday evening 18 Sept from 8pm - 11pm and
  • Monday afternoon 22 Sept from 3pm - 5pm
If you have time this evening, please send a skype message to my
skype ID 'letstalkonline' or reply to this email.
Looking forward to meeting you.
Rgds Heike Philp


Im Schwenkenland 18

79224 Umkirch



Tel     +49 (0) 7665 - 808 9677

Fax    +49 (0) 7665 - 947 2974

Mobile +49 (0) 179 - 477 2395

skype ID: letstalkonline 



www.lancelotschool.com (main website)

http://www.avalonlearning.eu (AVALON)

www.lancelotters.net (community)

www.youtube.com/lancelotschool (YouTube)

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