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Business English Course Students

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Course Outline




The AVALON (http://www.avalonlearning.eu/Business English course has been designed for upper-intermediate business language learners, i.e. students who have aB1-B2 level of English (according to the CEFR ) and who need to develop their language knowledge and skills for business.


Because of this, it is suitable for learners who are currently using the target language for work or who would like to do so in the future. No previous knowledge of Second Life is expected or needed in order to take the course. However, those of you who are unfamiliar with the platform should go through the student check-in procedure before you start.


In addition, we have decided to offer an additional two-session Short Introductory Course to Second Life before you participate in the AVALON business language course. This will allow time for team-building and language needs analysis as well as serving as a gentle introduction to Second Life.




A good level of English and the ability to work automously in groups. Basic computer skills.


LMS: We will be using Moodle and all students should create an account: http://lms.workademy.net/


Course Duration:  October- December. Sometimes there will be a break of one week between classes. This is to allow you enough time to meet together to work on your presentations (see below for details).


Course Start: October 2009


Course Objectives:


The main course objectives of the AVALON Business Language course are:-

  • to provide learners with business language practice and language knowledge appropriate for their learning level and business background in order that they may progress in their language development.
  • to provide learners with the necessary technical knowledge of Second Life to make this language learning experience effective and meaningful for them as learners of a foreign language for business.


Course structure: 

  • The course is divided into 6 lessons or meetings in Second Life. Each session is 90 mins long. The classes are either weekly or bi-weekly (see specific class dates).
  • In addition, course participants are expected to meet with members of their group in-between some of the classes. This is to allow the participants enough time to meet together to research and work on your presentations. The course tutor will also be on hand to help during these more informal sessions if possible.


Meeting Place

The meeting place for the Business English course will be the AVALON Learning Business Barn.


This is where most classes will take place.


Group work

There are four student offices for group work on the Business English course. They can be found here:



Specific Classes


Specific Classes

1 - Introductions and course outline 

2 - Job Interviews 


3 - Get Inspired  

4 - Mentor Presentations  

5 - Project Plan 

6 - Final Presentation  


Information about content of classes will be added later


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