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Strategic partnerships

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Access to Virtual and Action Learning live ONline

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Deliverable 1

Setting up strategic links


Throughout the project we have worked to forge relationships with a number of different groups that are teaching languages and other topics in Second Life and in other spaces, e.g. in Open Sim and also using tools like desktop video conferencing. In some cases we have offered space on AVALON Learning in others we have worked together to do joint conference presentations and other activity.


Name of organisation Description Contribution Contact
University of Extremadura

They are working on SL courses, particularly with the catering community (waiters, receptionists, barmen, shop assistants).

We offered the University of Extramadura space on AVALON Learning to set up a space and conduct classes. They have contributed lesson plans (WP2) and materials (WP4) to the AVALON project. They will continue working with us following the initial funded phase of the project.

Mercedes Rico Garcia


NIFLAR  An EU project which also explores language learning in MUVEs We have collaborated with NIFLAR on events and in the exchange of ideas about our products. NIFLAR are making use of our teacher training course within their project.

Kristi Jauregi Ondarra





A Comenius-project that works on bringing virtual worlds into schools.
Exchange of ideas concerning teacher training and ideas for projects with schools.  Joint presentation at a pre-conference workshop at OnlineEduca in Berlin.

Paolo Degasperi, FORCOM, Italy





EU-project dealing using Street art forms and art education as a bridge to re-establish communication between young people and local community and to strengthen the sense of common ground and interest. Exchange of experience using OpenSIM,  setting up 3D learning environments and classroom management. Joint presentation at a pre-conference workshop at OnlineEduca in Berlin.

Francesco Fedele, Università degli Studi 'Guglielmo Marconi', Italy





HUMLab Umea University, Sweden
An innovative cross-institutional research and development lab, which combines humanities and technology.  HUMlab contributed to several presentations at conferences with specific expertise (the machinima workshop at Online educa, for example). In addition, HUMlab has been involved in the Sami courses, providing technical expertise and learning spaces in Second Life. 
Jim Barrett 


Hanna Outakoski



Jenna Ng


EuroCALL The European Asssociation of Computer Assisted Language Learning is one of  a number of organisations in Europe that specialise in working with the support of language teachers working with technology. As well as the geberal organisation there is a Virtual Worlds Special Interest Group.

A number of the partners are members of EuroCALL and as well as presenting papers we ran a PCE in 2009 and presented a number of different papes at the main Conference in 2010.


There have also been a number of Special Interest Group presentations, as well.

Graham Davies [Groovy Winkler]



Graham Davies has been a regualar visitor at our Events and has also presented at a number. He was also involved in the  SLanguage Conference, 2010 as a rapporteur.

CALICO Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium, US
CALICO work jointly with EuroCALL on a variety of events. Both were very helpful in organising the 2010 SLanguages Conference and will be invloved in future conferences.

Randall Sadler [Randall Renoir]



Training and Consultancy in the application of technologies in education


Support and publicity for project events. In particular, we worked closely with the consultants-e for the premier virtual worlds and language learning event, the SLanguages 2010 conference, as they trusted us to take over the organisation of this event from them

Gavin Dudeney , gavin.dudeney[at]theconsultants-e.com


Nicky Hockly,



British Council

The British Council is the UK's international cultural relations

body and supports the teaching

and learning of English 

The British Council English Language Innovation team in the UK has supported AVALON throughout the British Council's global network of 110 offices worldwide and AVALON courses are now part of the offer of English at the British Council


The first British Council region to show a strong interest in AVALON courses is MENA (Middle East and North Africa). A pilot of the AVALON Business English course is being run in March 2011 at the Université Virtual de Tunisie with a view to offering it and the AVALON Teacher Training course throughout the university sector in the country.

Michael Carrier, Director of English Language Innovation, British Council, UK, michael.carrier[at]britishcouncil.org










Nic Humphries, Director English  and Examinations Business Development, Near East and North Africa, nic.humphries[at]britishcouncil.org

Association of Learning Technologists. This is the group that represents the e-learning community in the UK run an annual conference, regular seminars and webinars as wel as a journal.
Will be working with us on running some dissemination events

Apprentissage des Langues et Systemes d'information et de communication

ALSIC is a journal on languages and ICT which is published entirely on the internet.
NEXT-TELL EU project under 7th FP, dealing with IT-support in  tomorrow's classrooms. Mutual exchange of ideas for virtual world-based international project work.

Harald Mayer, Joanneum Research, Austria





A free online initiative promoted by Antonella Berriolo for the learning and practicing of Italian in Second Life.

This initiative has its own blog where activities are explained and advertised.



Antonella Berriolo taught one of the two Italian courses run under the Avalon project. Antonella is a qualified real world and virtual world teacher and content creator for Italian as foreign language. She is a pioneer in the field of language teaching in virtual worlds and one of the very few Italian specialists. Her contibution to the project has been overwhelming.

The founder and promoter of this initiative is Antonella Berriolo.



Grenzenlos / Verein Offenes Lernen - Sektion `TALKADEMY´

The AVALON partner organisations
Grenzenlos and Talkademy have 
decided to go on co-operating for 
language trainings.The West African 
language Ewe and minority languages 
of Austria will be on the agenda, to be 
taught on Second Life in 2011.

The project is carried

out by these two organisations with the support of the extensive AVALON network.

Sonja Kovacevic


































































































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