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A service point for support for language trainers includes free as well as fee-based services to support language educators in their daily practice inworld. Free services include holodecks, teacher meetings and participation at events and conferences. Fee-based services include the renting of shops, offices, student quarters, our business barn and the hosting of groups of language learners, seminars, business meetings, exhibitions and events including 1st and 2nd level support.


1) Holodecks with more than 40 settings for teaching and learning activities

When teachers bring a group of students they can rezz a number of scenes from a holodeck centered in the sandbox.

To be able to rezz scenes rather than going to places benefits the teachers greatly because they do not run the risk of losing students on the way.


There are a total of 40 scenes available and include for example ...


Seating and meeting settings

- open air lecture seating

- mega temple

- Greek temple

- Roman hall

- conference area



- library

- pyramid with mummy

- aquarium

- bus stop

- farm with animals

- restaurant

- dining hall

- library

- restaurant



- village square

- hunter's block house

- forest seating



- Winter globe

- Ice-skating

- Halloween graveyard


Fun and entertainment

- jazz club

- swimming pool

- star trek

- moon station



Panocubes are large scenic areas with pictures on walls simulating a scene such as

- desert

- on the moon

- inside a church

- park




2) Best practise teachers meetings and events

Every first Friday of the month and every third Wednesday of the month, there are teacher meetings to discuss best practise. Person in charge is Zeynep Onat-Stelma, zeynep.onat-stelma[at]manchester.ac.uk. Upcoming events are advertised on the Ning and the avalonlearning.eu website.  Noteworthy here is the EVO sessions VILLAGE in January/ February 2011 


3) Venues to let (fee-based service)

- Student homes

- Shops and offices in the AVALON Learning village

- Business barn

- Concert venue for live concerts and performances


4) 1st and 2nd level support and student check-ins for classes and hosted events (fee-based service)

This support is a fee-based service if you wish to conduct an in-world conference, a business meeting or an event.

Do you want to make sure that technology works and learners or presenters are prepared, then you can rely on our experienced support team. 



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