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Experts' Survey

The experts' survey demonstrates the first step within the evaluation process of this work package. It was set up in order to get an overview and first orientation concerning tendencies and possible evaluation criteria. Among other things the experts were asked to rate the importance of certain assumed quality criteria for example.





Pre-Course-Survey / Registration

The pre-course-survey serves as a "check-in" in order to collect relevant information for the teachers and project members. It was mainly set up with the 
intention of gaining basic information about the participants and offering an official registration at the same time. The registration survey also serves as a 
collecting point for contact details which were needed for the Invitations to the post-course-survey later on.





Post-Course-Survey / Course Evaluation

Based on the results of the experts' survey, the experts' interviews and the experiences gained in the ongoing project a post-course / evaluation survey was 
developed. This survey can be used as an evaluation guideline and be adapted by the end-user.




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